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Common Gravure Printing Machine
1.Usage:It is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD, al-plated film, the compound film and paper with the same properties. Its mechanical speed is 100m/min.
2.Main transmission device: The main transmission device adopts electronic magnetic to control the speed. The speed of heat beat and rubber-plated network roller and network can be adjusted. Performance: To assure the tightness and looseness of the films in the oven channels.
3.Material-feeding device: It is equipped with two unwinding station: Group 1 and 2 

4.Rubber-plated device: The network rollers control the amount of ink scrapping. The thickness of the rubber can be adjusted freely through the ink scrapers. While the rubber roller adopts dual air cylinder to higher the pressure while the pressure can be adjusted freely. It is also equipped with film while stopping to lift automatically.
5.Structure of oven channel: The temperature in the oven channel through four passage intelligent thermo controller, equipped with inner cycling device. The materials -protecting roller and the heat beat can rotate synchronically as well as the film-crossing operation scaffold.
6.Material-collecting device: The Material-collecting adopts combined rotation style device to collect the materials, while the roll-collecting device adopts moment motor to collect the materials.
7.The material-feeding adopts magnetic powder to control and the transducer to adjust the ponder power constantly.
8.Drive and extension adopts magnetic powder to control and the transducer to automatically adjust the ponder power constantly.
9.The oven adopts blower to blow and make suction. The electric tubes are equipped averagely at each blowing mouth to heat averagely while adopts wind to cool the materials.


Kinds of web

Plastic filmpapercloth

Mechanical speed


Max.printing width


Plate cylinder diameter



φ600mm  φ800mm


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